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Oven And Cooker Temperature Information

Regardless of the cost, style, type and manufacturer of your oven, they must all meet the temperature limits set by the British Standards Institute.

If you are in the market for a new oven, it is a good idea to choose a model fitted with a cooling fan.  This fan comes into operation at the end of the cooking period, once the oven is turned off.  It is designed to quickly lower the internal temperature of the oven, which will also cool the external temperature.


External Temperatures

It is only to be expected that when your oven is in use, the outside of your oven will warm up as well.  It depends on the quality of the oven you have purchased quite how warm the external temperature can be.  If you have young children, it is a good idea to check this out with your retailer at the time of purchase.  You will obviously wish to avoid any appliance that could burn a small child’s hand if they happen to come into contact with the oven when in use. Read More Here…

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Cooker And Oven Buying Guide To Assist With Your Purchase

Advice on which Oven or Cooker to Buy

The first thing you need to decide before you start your search for a new oven or cooker is the style you are after:

  • Built-in double oven
  • Free standing double oven
  • Under the counter double oven
  • Single ovens in the same formats as above
  • Range style cooker


Once you know the style you want, you need to check the size you are looking for, as some kitchen designers don’t always use the same size cabinets.  It is fair to say that most do, but it really is worth checking.


You should also understand how much you wish to pay for your new appliance, and the implications of the price limit you have set.

Very importantly, you should carry out as much research as possible into the ovens and/or cookers available in your price range.  There is a huge choice out there and some of the appliances in your price range will be a complete waste of money, and give you hours of disappointment rather than hours of happy cooking and eating.  There is plenty of information and advice available on the internet. Read More…

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Information On Fire Risks Associated with Tumble Dryers

There are just a few rules to follow when using a tumble dryer:

  • Never leave the house unattended when the tumble dryer is running – if you take the time to read your manufacturer’s handbook, you will see this phrase clearly stated.  It is there for a reason
  • Ensure you have a working smoke alarm fitted in your house – this is obviously the same recommendation you will receive from your Fire Service.  This is not just for tumble dryers, however, but is for the safety of your household.
  • Clean the filter of fluff after each tumble cycle


Are Tumble Dryers Dangerous?

The simple answer to this question is, thankfully, no.

The reason tumble dryers can combust is purely down to the user.  Failing to regularly clean the filter causes the fluff to build up, this can then be forced through the air system.  When it reaches the heater, it may well ignite.  Hopefully before this happens you will have noticed a burning smell, and perhaps seen some smoke.

What you need to do immediately is to turn the power off , allow the appliance to cool down and then set to work cleaning the filter.  If you cannot reach all the fluff yourself, as it has been pulled deeper in the air system, you may well need to call in professional assistance.  They won’t be too thrilled to see what you have done, but they will clean the area thoroughly and ensure the appliance will no longer be a fire hazard.  Read More Here…

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A guide showing you how to change the door seal on an Ariston washing machine

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A step by step guide showing you exactly how to change the drum pulley on a washing machine

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A guide showing you how to change drum oil seal on a washing machine

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A step by step guide showing you How to change the console on a Hotpoint washing machine

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