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Advice On How to change the burner ring base and burner cap on an Indesit cooker

See the guide here…

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Information Relating To Chemical Scratching on China in Dishwashers

How can you tell if marks on your china are caused by a chemical reaction?  Although they have a similar appearance to other types of scratching, you will find the chemical marking on particular areas of your china, where there is the greatest stress. These scratches will generally form a pattern, quite commonly you will see this as a sort of swirl.

Unfortunately, once these marks have appeared, there is nothing you can do about it short of either throwing the china away, or use it in a more creative way, such as plant pot stands etc.  At least it won’t be a total waste if you can use the plates for something else.  It is not recommended that you continue to use this china for food, as dirt and germs can get caught in the scratches.  Get more information here…

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Help And Advice On How to Change The Burner Control Knob On An Indesit Cooker

See the guide here

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A Useful Guide Showing How to change the upper spray arm on an Indesit Dishwasher

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A useful guide showing you how to change the water temperature thermostat on an Indesit Dishwasher

See the guide here

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Information On Oven And Cooker Temperatures

Regardless of the cost, style, type and manufacturer of your oven, they must all meet the temperature limits set by the British Standards Institute.

If you are in the market for a new oven, it is a good idea to choose a model fitted with a cooling fan.  This fan comes into operation at the end of the cooking period, once the oven is turned off.  It is designed to quickly lower the internal temperature of the oven, which will also cool the external temperature.


External Temperatures

It is only to be expected that when your oven is in use, the outside of your oven will warm up as well.  It depends on the quality of the oven you have purchased quite how warm the external temperature can be.  If you have young children, it is a good idea to check this out with your retailer at the time of purchase.  You will obviously wish to avoid any appliance that could burn a small child’s hand if they happen to come into contact with the oven when in use.

The British Standards state that a glass or metal control panel is still safe if it reaches 60 Deg C above room temperature, or enamel can be 65 Deg C above room temperature.  Average room temperature is about 20 Deg C, so you are looking at external temperatures of up to 85 Deg C – pretty high, especially when little fingers are around.

60 Deg C above ambient temperature is also set for plastic control knobs and handles, and glass oven doors.  The metal door handle is allowed to be 35 Deg C above room temperature. Read More About It Here…

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