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10 Important Occasions to Drink Champagne

We usually associate champagne to a celebration moment; the important celebration moments in your life are occasions to toast some best known champagne brands. But what are the important reasons when you should drink champagne? In the following paragraphs, we've pulled together some of the most common occasions people drink champagne and some special reasons that you might hear for the first time.

1. Holy matrimony. There is not a single marriage without a good champagne. Some people buy the most expensive champagne they can get for their ceremony. And they right, the wedding cake is great when served with a glass of Dom Perignon.

2. Your birthday. Another popular reason to drink champagne is a birthday party and it one of the most common champagne drinking event. While some choose turning it into a cocktail party, most of us raise the glasses with a plain tasty champagne.

3. A new promotion. Your boss finally rewarded you and it's a perfect occasion to open that champagne bottle. Drink with your family and friends and pick a suitable champagne for this moment like a dry or semi dry champagne.

4. On vacations such as New Year, 4th July, Christmas, Easter and others you'll need ice buckets stuffed with champagne bottles of all sorts from crystal to cuvee. And if you don't drink champagne in general, you'll drink plenty at the following important holiday.

5. A simple celebration moment. There are moments when you need self celebration, and your folks regardless of the fact that there are no holidays, no birthdays, or particular achievements. Simply pop that cork and enjoy.

6. Love for champagne. Some people love champagne and drink it daily. Marilyn Monroe was a champagne lover. She used to drink it every morning. She loved champagne so much that one day she filled her bathtub with over 300 bottles of champagne and took a fantastic bath in it.

7. Feel the bubbles. A normal bottle of champagne contains nearly 50 million bubbles that delight your tongue.

8. Consolation. Sometimes we drink champagne only to remember the taste of triumph when we've been defeated. Napoleon Bonaparte used to drink champagne not just when he was victorious, but also after he would lose a fight.

9. Eat it with a glass of champagne. Noble food calls for noble drink. If you serving caviar, you have to serve it with a glass of tasteful champagne Also if you're eating seafood or quality cheese you'll crave for some champagne.

10. You need to drink. There is a type of champagne for every occasion, even just for a thirsty man. Don wait for an ideal moment. Life is too short to wait for special moments. If you thirsty enjoy a glass of champagne.

Champagne is one of life great joys and one should savor it whenever possible. Whether it is the most expensive champagne or just a regular one, there are champagnes for every type of person regardless of the champagne brands.

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